CHEW is an expert consultancy in sustainable Shipping.

Sinds 2010 we’ve initiated and/or coordinated several projects, such as the initiation of (the first Dutch) biofuels in Shipping.

    • We have a distingushed knowledge of ship waste reception, treatment and finance. Due to our experience and knowledge in waste to fuels and our network in harbours, governments and markets, we work also explore activities related to the delvelopment and implementation of advanced sustainable fuels (for shipping and heavy duty transport).
    • We have an unique knowledge of (ship related) waste, the circular economy, environmental (shipping, energy, fuel, waste) legislation, alternative fuels, biofuels in shipping, and waste to fuels development.
    • We are an excellent intermediary between commercial partners and governmental organisations and have a broad network in European harbours.

The owner, mrs Sturiale is both Dutch and Portuguese native speaker.